Le Mans 2019: Day 1

The group arrived at Le Mans Circuit de la Sarthe at midday on Sunday and were lucky to set up camp in good weather. Progress with the Spitfire was underway and the men were able to get the stand and timber supports in the way as well as adding the propeller and the mesh of the fuselage.

It’s forecast to rain in Le Mans tomorrow but hopefully the weather will allow for some more progress to be made in the coming days.

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Doorstuff Sponsors Le Mans Replica Spitfire Construction

Doorstuff is excited to be sponsoring one of our employees who has been attending the Le Mans car endurance race for the last 25 years. His group of around 30 men used to bring lots of bottled beverages which at the end of the 10 days resulted in a lot of waste. The men decided to use these bottles to create interesting works of art, in the past they have built F1 cars and tanks made of these bottles, among other things.

As 2019 is the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings, the men will be building a Spitfire to commemorate this historic occasion that marked the beginning of the Allied liberation of Europe. The group has now replaced the bottles with casks, reducing their impact on the environment. Therefore Doorstuff has provided timber brackets, sliding track offcuts, boxes of nuts and bolts, and most importantly support to help in this year’s creation.

Alongside building the Spitfire, the group are collecting donations for the Royal British Legion, a family of charities that helps to support members of the British Armed Forces, veterans and their families.

Doorstuff will, therefore, be providing updates from Le Mans every day on the website and social media so watch this space!

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10% Discount on Excellence Softclose Sliding Door Gear

Doorstuff is excited to announce a new 10% discount available on our new Excellence soft close sliding door gear from Saheco. The system allows for silent sliding on friction-bearing rollers making it perfect for medium use on timber doors in the home or at the office. The stylish sleek design and the reasonable price could make the Excellence Soft Close Sliding Door Gear from Saheco the ideal system for you. To get your 10% discount, enter the code at the checkout until midnight on Tuesday 11th June.

Code: EXSB-J

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New Product Announcement: Excellence Soft Close Sliding Door Gear

Sliding Doorstuff is excited to be able to offer a new low cost soft close sliding door gear from Saheco. The product is perfect for medium use on timber doors at home or in the office. The Excellence Softclose system provides silent sliding rollers with friction bearing for sliding timber panels up to 60kg. Thanks to the stylish design and reasonable price, the Saheco Excellence Soft Close Sliding Door Gear could be the perfect system for you.

To find out more about specifications and use for the Saheco Excellence, call us on 0207 099 2822 or email info@sliding-doorstuff.co.uk

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Easter Bank Holiday Opening Times

This weekend is Easter bank holiday and therefore we have some different opening hours than normal. However, we are still open for the bank holiday weekend and therefore will be able to answer any questions on the phone or in our Teignmouth showroom. The opening hours are shown below.

Friday 9am -3pm
Saturday 9am – 12pm
Monday 9am -3pm

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Product Spotlight: Evolve 80 Automatic Sliding Door

The Evolve 80 is an automatic powered sliding door gear for domestic use. The gear is perfect for timber or frameless glass doors in accordance with the European Machine Directive for low energy operations. The gear is easy to fit and program which enables adaptation to each user’s wishes. The operation is convenient with a range of wired and wireless sensors available, the gear also comes with obstacle detection and low voltage to ensure it’s safety in the home. Security is also a priority for the gear, with a decoupling option for manual operation in the event of a power failure.

Doorstuff also stock other domestic automatic sliding door gear such as the GEZE Perlan 140 AUT-NT. For more information on which is suitable for you, contact us on 0207 099 2822.

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Another Happy Customer!

At Sliding Doorstuff we love to hear back from happy customers who have installed products recommended and supplied by us. We especially love seeing photos of the before and after and how a sliding door can transform a room. So we were very pleased to hear back from one customer who had installed a SAHECO SF-Roller system to open up their kitchen. The sliding door system was fitted with soft brakes and concealed fixings within the bracket to give a sleek look as well as smooth performance.

If you have a before and after photo of one of our products you’d like to submit, please email info@doorstuff.co.uk

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10% Off All Industrial Sliding Door Kits!

Sliding Doorstuff are excited to offer 10% off all industrial sliding door kits from 4th to 8th March! The Sliding Doorstuff range covers exceptional industrial sliding door kit such as the Coburn Straightaway 250, 180 and 130. The kits are all durable and versatile, and all lend themselves perfectly to commercial and industrial use. The compatibility of our kits range from medium to heavy duty, and therefore we can offer kits for a wide range of needs.

In order to obtain the 10% discount, customers must use the code at the checkout.

Discount Code: IND1422

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New Product Announcement! Coburn Straightaway 180

The Coburn Straightaway 180 is a medium to heavy duty sliding door system for internal timber and metal door kits. The system is sophisticated and versatile and can easily accommodate sliding doors in a variety of architectural openings. This is aided by the soft brake feature, that was previously only available for doors up to 130kgs, however, the new product allows for its use on doors up to 180kgs each. This helps keep your door operations smooth and sleek while allowing for heavier and larger doors to be used.

This system is a very flexible one, with multiple options for use and is perfect for modern industrial or domestic areas.

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The History of Shoji Sliding Doors in Japan

Shoji in Japanese architecture refers to the sliding doors and windows made of a latticed wooden frame covered in translucent white paper. In summer, Shoji doors are often completely removed to open up the house to help alleviate the humidity of the season. The Washi paper used to cover the doors make the Shoji perfect for allowing light into a room due to the reflective nature of paper. This made private rooms much more accessible and easier to light before glass doors were available. The doors are a characteristic of the Shoin style and are a recognisable aspect of traditional Japanese architecture.

The Shoin style first appeared in Japan during the Kamakura Period (1192-1333). The name comes from the Shoin, a study alcove that opens out onto a veranda. Shoji doors and windows are important aspects in the Shoin room and therefore, the style. Shoji doors are essential for the Chashitsu, a Japanese tea room, as a very specific tea ceremony takes place here. Learning how to conduct the ceremony includes being taught the right way to delicately open the Shoji doors.

If you’re looking for similar sliding doors you could consider our Saheco Excellence Timber Sliding door kits which would be a perfect stylish addition to a home.

What do you think about Shoji doors? Would you consider having them in your house?

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