Product Spotlight: SF-51 Wardrobe Sliding Kit

The Saheco SF-51 bottom rolling wardrobe sliding kit is for use on cupboard and wardrobe doors up to 50kg. The system uses twin bottom tracks and rollers for a smooth glide, which can be cut down to suit the length needed. This product can also be used for mirror-fronted MDF wardrobe doors that weigh over 25kgs. The Saheco SF-51 is perfect for wardrobe and cupboard door in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, dressing rooms and studies.

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What is the Best Way to Insulate Sliding Glass Doors?

Brush strips are the best way to insulate a sliding glass door. The brush strip allows for the gap between the frameless glass door and the walls or fixed panel to be closed in a neat and elegant way. This reduces the draught that can get under a door and cause the room to lose heat, it can also act as a sound-dampener and a spider excluder. Doorstuff have a range of seals and brush strips for various doors. So if you need to insulate your frameless glass door, why not check out the Dorma brush strip on our website!

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New Products: Saheco SF-A61 and SF-A101

Our new products, the Saheco SF-A61 and SF-A101 sliding door gear, now come with synchronisation. This means that with a pair of double doors, they would open together just by pulling one door. This works due to a belt-drive system on top of the door, connecting the doors together in harmony. Both the 60kg per door and the 100kg per door set can be upgraded to synchronous operation. In this case the 60kg per door limit would stay the same, whereas the 100kg per door weight limit would change to 80kg per door due to this being the weight limit for the belt. These products are perfect for use in the home to open up space, and the synchronisation function enables easy opening of both doors.

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Product Spotlight: Geze Perlan 140 AUT/NT

The Geze Perlan 140 AUT-NT is an automatic powered sliding door gear. It’s for use in a domestic setting with interior timber or frameless glass doors. The gear complies with DIN 18650 for low energy operation and the opening and closing speed of up to 0.3 metres a second. The track is aluminium and can be ordered in different lengths that can be cut down to the length needed. The gear can also be adapted to operate to the user’s wishes. The automatic function works by reacting to a gentle push of the door which is ideal for those with restricted movement. The gear also employs an automatic turn off and reverse when it encounters an obstacle to prevent any trapping of limbs or items in the door. In the event of a power failure, the door can still be opened by hand.

For more information about the product’s specifications, or how to install the product, call us on 0207 099 2822 or email

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Product Spotlight: Compact X Fixed Panel/Sliding Panel

The SAHECO Compact X fixed panel/sliding panel is a sliding frameless glass door and fixed panel all-in-one installation. The system is fitted to the ceiling or soffit and can support single or double doors with single sided or double sided fixed panels. A 3 m kit for example will accommodate a door up to 1.5 m wide with a 1.5 m wide fixed panel. The kit comes with integrated soft brakes which allow for a smooth and safe slide action for the glass doors as it reduces the risk of impact damage and fingers are protected from being trapped during the closing cycle.

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Product Spotlight: Geze Perlan 140

The Geze Perlan 140 is a heavy duty sliding door kit for use with timber doors. The aluminium track can support doors up to 140kgs each and comes in various lengths. The tracks can also be cut down to make sure they are the perfect length for your door. Geze’s sliding door gear range boasts superior performance due to the low amount of friction generated by the nylon wheels and roller bearing axel. To learn more about this product or if you have any queries about any of our products, call our technical team on 0207 099 2822 or email

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Product Spotlight: iMpero Slide Pocket Door Kit

The iMpero slide is a pocket door kit for timber doors up to 80kgs, and it is a very economical way to increase available space in many domestic applications. The kit comes in single or double door kits, with the double doors meeting in the middle. The iMpero slide can also be fitted with a soft close damper which allows the door to close automatically and slowly over the final few inches. This avoids slamming and reduces the chance of fingers getting caught in the door.
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Product Spotlight: Coburn Eternal 250

The Eternal 250 is a top hung sliding door system that is perfect for use on barn doors and commercial doors up to 250kgs per door. The manufacturing process uses cutting edge technology which results in a long lifespan for the sliding door gear. For this reason the door is perfect for use in locations with severe weather conditions and where high levels of corrosion can be expected. Continue reading

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What are the Benefits of Sliding Doors?


Sliding Doors are a great way to open up space in the home by reducing the need for the space a regular swing door would take up when opened. This also allows for more mobility in small corridors and removes the obstruction a swing door can sometimes cause. Sliding doors are also a very attractive and fashionable addition to a home and can come in various styles such as timber doors and glass doors, so it can fit into any home aesthetic. Sliding doors can also be folding or telescopic, which allow for the door to take up even less space in the environment while still being able to cover large doorways. Doorstuff offer quality sliding door gear at competitive prices so if you think a sliding door would make a good addition to your home, call us on 0207 099 2822 or email

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Another Happy Customer!

Doorstuff love to hear from our customers regarding their purchases. Which is why we were so pleased to receive an email from one of our happy customers showing us their new sliding door. The product they used was a Projeto Xtra timber sliding door kit, with which they used a beautiful wooden door that fits perfectly into the rustic look of their home. Doorstuff are so pleased to see one of our customers so happy and with such amazing results.

The Projeto Xtra is a luxury designer sliding door kit with a beautiful stainless steel track that can be cut down. If you want to find out more about the Projeto Xtra, or any of our timber sliding door gear, call us on 0207 099 2822. 

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