Meet the Team: Preston Butland

Preston both

2018 marks 50 years of selling architectural ironmongery in Devon for Preston Butland, one of the founders of Doorstuff. Preston started his career in 1961 at James Gibbons in Wolverhampton as an estimator on 2nd January 1961. This totals an impressive 57 years in ironmongery all together for Preston. Inspired by his childhood holidays in Paignton, Preston moved to Devon in January 1968 to work for F J Reed in Totnes. Preston is now semi-retired, working two days a week on special projects.

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Upgraded Product: Evolve 80 Automatic Powered Sliding Door Gear


This stylish automatic sliding door gear has recently been upgraded to provide a better performance. The door gear, which can be used with timber or frameless glass doors, works in accordance with the European Machine Directive for low energy consumption. The gear can be operated in various ways to enable adaption to individual user’s wishes. This makes the gear perfect for any interior environment, especially as it is automated by a quiet and non-intrusive motor. The door is also extremely safe, allowing manual operation of the door in the event of a power failure.

If you have any questions regarding this products installation or specifics, please contact us on 02070 992 822 or email us at

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iMpero Slide Pocket Door Kit for Frameless Glass


Doorstuff are proud to stock the attractive iMpero Slide pocket door kit for Frameless Glass. This door kit is an economical way to increase available space in many domestic applications while maintaining a modern aesthetic in the home. The kit comes complete with timber jambs and all fittings required for a single frameless glass pocket door up to 80kgs in weight. For any queries about the installation or specifications of the product, please call  0207 099 2822 or email

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Introducing the SAHECO SF-A Sliding Door Gear


Doorstuff are pleased to introduce a new product from the prestigious SAHECO range. The SF-A 60/100 sliding door gear can be used on timber doors weighing 60 to 100kg on a medium-use door.  The SAHECO range of sliding door gear also offers superior running performance due to low friction nylon wheels and roller bearing axles used in the sliding mechanism. The new sliding door gear would make an excellent addition to a home as it can be used as a standard single door, or even for double doors or wardrobe doors.

For further information on the features of the product, or how the product can be used, please call us on 0207 099 2822 or email

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New Product Announcement – SAHECO SF-44


Doorstuff are happy to announce a new addition to our sliding door gear range. The SAHECO SF-44 timber sliding door gear is suitable for use with doors up to 40kgs in weight and in a light to medium use setting. Additionally, the nylon rollers give a smooth easy action, making it perfect for use in the home to allow for more space, or as a wardrobe door.

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New Product Announcement – UNION CE3F

sliding doorstuff pic

Doorstuff are proud to announce the new UNION CE3F door closer for domestic and light commercial use. Manufactured by the prestigious UNION brand, this door closer is approved for fire doors up to 120 minutes and comes with a 10-year mechanical guarantee, all while maintaining a low price. This makes it the perfect economic door closer for a light use application.

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Congratulations to Our Competition Winners!

Competition Picture sliding

On Monday, we announced the winners of our competition to celebrate our adoption of a secretary bird at Paignton Zoo. The first prize of 4 one-day tickets to Paigton Zoo were won by Zoë Thompson, while the second prize of a bottle of Secretary Bird Wine was won by Sue Harris, we bid them huge congratulations and hope they enjoy their prizes. Thank you to all the entries for this competition and good luck for future competitions and events. In the meantime, check out our Facebook page and blogs for updates on new events.

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Legacy Replacement Wheel Range

sliding picture

Sliding Doorstuff now has a range of replacement wheels for legacy wardrobe systems. These are replacement for manufacturers such as Panavista, Acme, Stanley, Magnet and Cox. This means that old furniture can be restored to its former glory by replacing the broken wheels. Sliding Doorstuff also has access to other roller systems not featured on our website, therefore if you can’t see the replacement wheel you need, please call us on 0207 099 2822 or email us at

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How Standard Glass Pocket Door Floorguides Work

sliding doorstuff

Doorstuff supplies standard glass pocket door kits with floor guides situated inside the pocket. The floor guide acts as a channel in the bottom of the door to guide it as it leaves the pocket. This gives an unobstructed threshold which eliminates trip hazards and prevents dust and dirt accumulation often found when a guide is routed into the floor.  The same system is used in many of our surface-mounted sliding door systems.

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How A Simple Telescopic Sliding Door System Works

simple tele sliding doorstuff

A simple telescopic system works using a pickup bush on the top of the door. This is used as the first door moves over, hits the pickup bus, and causes both doors to move together. This system can be seen in products such as the GEZE Rollan Telescopic Sliding Door Kit. However, the simple system is not as smooth as the progressive system and does not have a belt drive. But the simple system is much cheaper and allows for one door to be open while the other is fully closed.


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