Product Spotlight: Geze Perlan 140 AUT/NT

The Geze Perlan 140 AUT-NT is an automatic powered sliding door gear. It’s for use in a domestic setting with interior timber or frameless glass doors. The gear complies with DIN 18650 for low energy operation and the opening and closing speed of up to 0.3 metres a second. The track is aluminium and can be ordered in different lengths that can be cut down to the length needed. The gear can also be adapted to operate to the user’s wishes. The automatic function works by reacting to a gentle push of the door which is ideal for those with restricted movement. The gear also employs an automatic turn off and reverse when it encounters an obstacle to prevent any trapping of limbs or items in the door. In the event of a power failure, the door can still be opened by hand.

For more information about the product’s specifications, or how to install the product, call us on 0207 099 2822 or email

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