Product Spotlight: Compact X Fixed Panel/Sliding Panel

The SAHECO Compact X fixed panel/sliding panel is a sliding frameless glass door and fixed panel all-in-one installation. The system is fitted to the ceiling or soffit and can support single or double doors with single sided or double sided fixed panels. A 3 m kit for example will accommodate a door up to 1.5 m wide with a 1.5 m wide fixed panel. The kit comes with integrated soft brakes which allow for a smooth and safe slide action for the glass doors as it reduces the risk of impact damage and fingers are protected from being trapped during the closing cycle.

The Compact X now also offers end fixings as an additional component which means that the system can be used as a shower door (up to 3 m) as it passed a 96 hour salt-spray test which makes it suitable for wet-room areas. For more information on how fit the Compact X, or in what situations it would be suitable, please call our technical team on 0207 099 2822 or email

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