Do’s and Don’ts for Pocket Doors

An infographic showing the do's and don'ts of pocket doors, including clip art images and text

Do’s for Pocket Doors

Do: Read instructions from start to finish before attempting to fit the kit

Do: Check the height, width and weight of your door before purchasing the correct kit

Do: Measure everything twice before cutting, once you cut there’s no going back!

Do: Plan ahead, order the kit in plenty of time so you can read the instructions over or give them to your builder with a cup of tea.

Don’ts for Pocket Door Kits

Don’t: Build your wall beforehand, the kits make the pocket wall for you

Don’t: Use a really lightweight door, it will feel flimsy and sound noisier when sliding

Don’t: Attempt to fit a pocket door with no previous DIY experience, we recommend getting someone in to do it for you.

Don’t: Panic! We are here to help with technical knowledge, just send us an e-mail or give us a call.

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