Doorstuff Sponsors Le Mans Replica Spitfire Construction

Doorstuff is excited to be sponsoring one of our employees who has been attending the Le Mans car endurance race for the last 25 years. His group of around 30 men used to bring lots of bottled beverages which at the end of the 10 days resulted in a lot of waste. The men decided to use these bottles to create interesting works of art, in the past they have built F1 cars and tanks made of these bottles, among other things.

As 2019 is the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings, the men will be building a Spitfire to commemorate this historic occasion that marked the beginning of the Allied liberation of Europe. The group has now replaced the bottles with casks, reducing their impact on the environment. Therefore Doorstuff has provided timber brackets, sliding track offcuts, boxes of nuts and bolts, and most importantly support to help in this year’s creation.

Alongside building the Spitfire, the group are collecting donations for the Royal British Legion, a family of charities that helps to support members of the British Armed Forces, veterans and their families.

Doorstuff will, therefore, be providing updates from Le Mans every day on the website and social media so watch this space!

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